Fairtrade’s Influencer Campaign

@begoodorganics Fairtrade #stand4fairness


The Fairtrade #stand4fairness campaign had an important message to share.

Millions of farmers who produce the food we eat don’t earn enough to feed their own families. Influencer helped change this by showcasing how to take a stand for producers in developing countries while encouraging their followers to do the same.

Influencers were asked to show how they #Stand4Fairness in developing countries by including the concept of “4” in their posts. Whether it was four people, four products or the number four, the message was clear!


The goal for Fairtrade was to generate as much awareness as possible for their social message and build momentum around the topic of fair trade goods.

The influencers helped reach a diverse audience with the 25-34 demographic making up 39% of all engagement and the 18-24 age demographic making up 34% of all engagement.

To help increase engagement the influencers also used #Stand4Fairness which was a part of a larger campaign. By using the hashtag in conjunction with an instagram challenge, the influencers were able to inspire their audiences to post #Stand4Fairness content of their own, resulting in some awesome user generated content.

By giving the influencers some creative freedom, they were able to tell a story of their own and explain how Fairtrade was important to them and their families through their captions. This type of authenticity and content collaboration can go a long way in regards to reaching consumers.

Overall the campaign included influencers made up of family/parent influencers, chefs and athletes who are mostly micro influencers, which helped Fairtrade leverage the deep and authentic relationships that the influencers held with their respective audiences.


@begoodorganics Instagram Post for Fairtrade's Stand4Fairness Campaign
@begoodorganics Instagram Post for Fairtrade’s Stand4Fairness Campaign


@storm_purvis & @vegan.foodie Instagram Posts for Fairtrade
@storm_purvis & @vegan.foodie Instagram Posts for Fairtrade

@the_forest_cantina, @the_moderndad & emily.pb Instagram Posts for Fairtrade
@the_forest_cantina, @the_moderndad & @emily.pb Instagram Posts for Fairtrade


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Ngatarawa Stables Reserve’s Influencer Campaign

@otherworld.ly STABLES


The primary objective of the Ngatarawa Stables Reserve campaign was to increase brand awareness in New Zealand for Stables wine range through the use of influencers and content creators. By doing so they generated awesome results, and received some amazing content to repurpose on Stables owned social and digital channels.



Post Reach


Post Impressions


Story View Rate


Female Audience


To engage the target audience, Stables teamed up with influencers who have a majority female audience, resulting in 75% of engagements coming from females.

It was also important to reach a diverse range of age groups to gain maximum awareness and increase the word of mouth potential. The 18-24 demographic was the most engaged age group making up 48% of all engagements and the 25-34 age demographic was the second highest performing audience contributing  33%, leaving 35 and up with the remaining 19% of all Stables engagements.

To drive further engagement, a competition was run by the larger content creators to engage their audience and inspire action. Using #ReservedForTheWeekend to give away a mystery escape for two, thanks to Air New Zealand, Stables was able to not only build buzz, but also generate user generated content.

The content creators and micro influencers shared instagram posts and instagram stories to engage more of their audience.

@reneeamberx & @ellenmarytaylor instagram stories
@reneeamberx & @ellenmarytaylor Instagram Stories

@imanastasialee & @indiarosejosephs Instagram Stories


@otherworld.ly stables instagram post
@otherworld.ly Stables Instagram Post


Instagram Posts by @ellenmarytaylor, @mary_oh_, @reneeamberx, @pipartus (clockwise)
Instagram Posts by @ellenmarytaylor, @mary_oh_, @reneeamberx, @pipartus (clockwise)


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Adairs’ Autumn Influencer Campaign


Looking to connect their brand to an audience of young millennials, mothers, homemakers and stylists, Adairs partnered with The Social Club to engage influencers to increase awareness of their new Autumn Collection in New Zealand and drive purchase consideration amongst mobile-first consumers as well as drive footfall in their brick and mortar stores.



Post Reach


Post Impressions


Story View Rate


Blog Views


As the target audience for Adairs was female, we engaged content creators who have a large female following, resulting in a 72% of engagements coming from females. Audience demographics are always important to take into account to ensure that the message is received by the target audience. 

Adairs content creators included micro-influencers, macro-influencers and bloggers who shared Instagram posts, stories and blog posts as their content deliverables. 

@hallweneed adairs autumn instagram story
@hallweneed Adairs Autumn Instagram Story

Instagram stories played a big role in driving traffic and attention to social posts and blogs. The campaign resulted in an overall viewing rate of over 15%, which is 3 times the industry average! Instagram stories are a great way to generate engagement, drive traffic to social posts or straight to website for conversions using a SWIPE UP.


@eviekemp Adairs Autumn campaign living room decor
Influencer @eviekemp Adairs Autumn campaign living room decor

Evie’s quirky and colourful authentic style was present in all Adairs content outputs.  Her knack for combining unexpected colours and patterns to everything is always inspiring, making her content unique, authentic and eye-catching.


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Nairn’s Savoury Oatcakes Influencer Campaign

Nairn's Savoury Oat Cakes by @thehungrycooknz


The Nairn’s Spring campaign’s primary objectives were to increase New Zealand awareness of the brand’s recently launched Savoury Oatcakes range and to acquire a range of social assets that could be repurposed for Nairn’s social channels using authentic food influencers.



Cost Per Engagement (CPE)


Overall the campaign included 6 influencers who created a total of 8 authentic posts. Campaign content creators shared 1 x Instagram post and 1 x Instagram story as their content deliverables. Olivia Galletly (@thehungrycooknz) included an original recipe and blog post for the campaign and Dane McGregor (@bakergatherer) pushed his curated signature food flat lay onto his Facebook as well.

Nairn’s Food Spread by @bakergatherer

Along with her recipe and blog post, Olivia Galletly, @thehungrycooknz,  posted the Nairn’s content to her instagram story to drive traffic and increase engagement on her post and Nairn’s page, @nairnsoatcakesnz.

Stories have proved to be very fruitful as traffic drivers due to the increased adoption and usage by brand pages and users on instagram. Stories are also available on Facebook which has seen rapid growth as of late and it definitely deserves your attention.

This content provided Nairn’s more opportunities to post across other mediums, including their own social channels.

Nairn's Instagram Story by @thehungrycooknz
Nairn’s Instagram Story by @thehungrycooknz


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Super Rugby 2017: Influencer Campaign

With the Super Rugby kicking off in April, we teamed up on a campaign to build hype around what has turned out to be a very hype-worthy season.

It was all about getting fans pumped to watch their team play and to create some noise around the games: not just the rugby, but the wider occasion, too. Super Rugby connected with six Social Club rugby aficionados who posted some awesome content in support of their favourite teams.

Across Instagram posts + stories & Facebook posts, Social Club influencers achieved a 29.6% engagement rate, including 19.5k likes and 230 comments. Even Waisake Naholo could chant about that!









With the challenge of generating a high level engagement and to encourage fans to attend the games, authenticity was key in connecting with all those rugby fanatic followers.

Keeping the content as organic as they could, influencers personalised their message, capturing moments of them supporting their favourite teams. This authentic approach proved to resonate well with their followers across the board.








We credit the success of this campaign to the creative, authentic content that The Social Club influencers made for the campaign. The stats really speak for themselves and the collaborations were met with an awesome response from all audiences.

Influencers, keep your eyes peeled on the platform for the sporting competition and team opportunities that we have coming up!

M&M’s Crispy Mint Campaign


To promote their new, limited-edition Crispy Mint flavour, M&M’s connected with 14 pumped up fans from a wide variety of content types. The Influencers showed their excitement for the new flavour by sharing images of all of the ways they enjoy a bag of M&M’s. Overall it was a hugely successful campaign with unreal content created and an overall engagement rate of 12.6%.





Influencer Posts






The goal of this campaign was to generate excitement arounf M&M’s new crispy mint flavour – by keeping it fun, real & creative. Influencers shared images of their own favourite ways to enjoy M&M’s, with almost total creative freedom. To help people interact with their favourite treat online, our Influencers provided links to the M&M’s NZ Instagram account.

Fans loved the eye-catching content showing so many ways to enjoy the sweet treat, and they expressed nearly endless excitement about the new flavour.

Check out some of their content below!


This campaign generated heaps of excitement about the new crispy mint flavour, bags of M&M’s flew off the shelves after it launched.

The sentiment was positive, fans loved the shared recipes and were inspired to try out their own versions. Fans also related to the athletes in the campaign, they loved to see that their favorite athletes enjoy a sweet treat just like they do!

In the end, the true highlight of the campaign was seeing everyone’s childlike excitement about a new flavour of chocolate…because who doesn’t love chocolate?!


Angela Daniel Campaign


We connected with five of our socialites to showcase Angela Daniels stunning sterling silver collection through Instagram. Our lucky Influencers had the pleasure of choosing several pieces of jewellery that were personally sent out to them by Angela Daniel herself… Our goal here was to inspire the viewers with our influencers photographing their favourite pieces in the midst of the Christmas buzz! In turn creating some awareness and direction to purchase!




Influencer Posts






To boost the campaign forward Megan Hutchinson (I Said Yes) ran a giveaway through both her Instagram and Facebook- To win the prize the viewers were encouraged to share, comment, like and follow the Angela Daniel social media accounts, which helped growth and traction for the campaign.

We had an outstanding result from Mary Outram gaining a 71.3% engagement rate through the back up of her Instagram Story which was live for 24 hours.

Check out some of their snaps below…

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

Exquisite earrings for one lucky bride-to-be ?
Thanks to Angela Daniel Jewellery! ?
Like this post, follow @angeladanieljewellery and @shesaidyes, tag a friend and tell me which colour to send you in time for Christmas! NZ only xo

-Megan Hutchison, (She said yes)



Looking at the Influencers Instagram activity over the Summer I’m not surprised to see that almost every post since they have continued to wear and show off the jewellery! Some really organic advertisement there…

Not surprised with such a collab! Jealous


Exotic Foods Campaign


Exotic Foods set out to launch their new range of dipping sauces and marinades with a burst of flavour. We sent out Exotic Food products to nine of our most influential mums and foodies so they could get right into it and create their own dishes and recipes with their own personal twist.



Influencer Posts






Everyone loves a good food gram!

Our goal was to create a buzz on Instagram and inspire viewers to try out their own recipes, in turn creating brand awareness for Exotic Foods.

We had our domestic goddesses in their kitchens cooking up a storm and plating up some beautiful dishes for the viewers to drool over. The engagement from viewers was encouraging, with everyone wanting to know the recipe details for their own dinner that night. Success!

Check out some of their creations below…

“Was craving a good old Pad Thai tonight, I had never made one before and always had in my head it would be a lot harder than it was, in reality it was super simple and tasted even better than a shop brought one plus I knew exactly what I was putting into it which is a definite bonus. I cheated a bit with @exfoodnz Pad Thai sauce- but this made it far quicker and was super tasty.
Such yummy fresh flavours can tell this will be my go to when I feel like a takeaway style dish! #exoticfood

-Simone Anderson

Kicking back yesterday picnic style with @exfoodnz springers!! Summer dining is ??

A photo posted by SHELLEY (@theurbanhunter_) on

Stomach = very thankful for fresh spring rolls dipped in the sauciest of sauces @exfoodnz

A photo posted by Shivana Nicole Pemberton (@shivananicole) on

Was given this today – and gave it a test run on fresh green beans with dinner… really nice kick !!

A photo posted by Food And Adventure (@bri.dimattina) on


Thank you to all our influencers for sharing your creations!

We can tell our influencers had loads of fun and enjoyed showing off their culinary skills and of course eating it afterwards…


Master Chef AU Campaign

@tvone @mastercheftv1

MasterChef AU launched on TVONENZ, allowing kiwi’s to soak up some up the cooking drama!

MasterChef Australia is regarded as the best cooking tv reality show out there and has real heart and authenticity. So we set out to find our best foodies, reality TV pros, and artists to create engaging content to keep up with those Aussies and generate excitement about MasterChef Australia!



Influencer posts






The Social Club Influencers promoted MasterChef AU across 6 weeks.The objectives were the following;

• Creating awareness of the show

• Directing viewers to tune in

• Directing viewers to catch up OnDemand

By engaging 7 influencers within the target market, we created awareness and generated viewership on Instagram….


Influencers who were a perfect fit for Master Chef AU showcased their favourite recipes and inspiration from the show, from left overs in the fridge to Nigella’s famous brownie recipe. This activity influenced their communities to replicate influencer posts, followers began posting their own recipes which helped to continue the awareness and engagement with Masterchef AU.

Those Aussies know their way around a kitchen, we are definitely inspired!

One Square Meal Campaign


With this time poor generation who doesn’t love a delicious One Square Meal on the go?

To help OSM gain some early brand awareness & engagement through Instagram and Facebook, we engaged with fourteen Social Club influencers to promote their product, new packaging & latest monthly subscription service.



Influencer posts






Our fitpsos, active life-stylers and passionate One Square Meal consumers told us how they get more out of their day, achieve the impossible and get out of sticky situations with OSM, whilst encouraging viewers to enter the competition for the chance to win a One Square Meal ultimate prize pack.

We were not surprised that OSM received an enormous response to the competition and subscriptions! Lots of laughs and once again, beautiful content produced by all influencers involved.

Check out some of the snaps below: