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Collaborate with incredible brands to create unique content and earn an income at the same time.
@thehungrycooknz Influencers TSC

Zero Cost
Our platform is free for influencers and their talent agents. You won’t pay a cent.

Unlimited Revenue
Make as much money as your following and creativity allows.

Full Control
You choose the brands you work with, so you’ll never conflict with existing partnerships and you never have to compromise on your brand values.

Direct Payment System
All revenue is automatically distributed on agreed dates, so you never have to worry about being paid on time.

@thehungrycooknz Influencers TSC
An Online Dashboard to manage your campaigns

Simple, comprehensive and transparent.

  • Field offers from brands who want to work with you.

  • Receive a comprehensive brief for all campaigns

  • Make an offer quickly and easily

  • Have the freedom to create authentic content that aligns with your personal brand values

  • Timeline function makes content due dates and payment dates clear

  • Fast, reliable payment of your fees


We’ve made influencer marketing easy

Tell us who you are so we can set up your account and kick things off.

We have access to hundreds of brands, we’ll approach you with offers to work on exciting campaigns.

Produce unique content according to the campaign brief and manage the entire process via our platform and a dedicated campaign manager.
Get paid. No chasing invoices. Just on-time payments and zero commission. You’re officially living the dream!
Sounds easy, but how much will I earn?
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Don’t just take our word for it!

We've connected thousands of influencers to leading brands.
We’ve connected thousands of influencers to leading brands.
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