What does it mean for advertisers?

In times of crisis, we often reach for familiar comforts – whether it be our phones, our families or our pantries.

A recent study reveals that FMCG producers have an important role to play in consumers’ lives during these events. This is a key time for brands to be communicating and reassuring their consumers.

Challenging times often make customers re-think the value they get from their purchases. How consumers are shopping now has the potential to change the way they shop in the future. In short, the brands they choose now have the power to become their new “normal”.

Advertising spend is often the first to go for companies when the world reaches crisis mode. However, notable examples show that by doing quite the opposite and increasing ad and marketing spend, brands are able to carve out a significant place for themselves in the market and reap long-standing benefits.

As a historic example, Kellogg’s doubled advertising spend during the Great Depression to promote their Rice Krispies cereal. As other products stagnated or collapsed, Kellogg’s profits rose by almost 30 percent and they were able to create a strong and long-lasting brand identity.

FMCG data analytics company, IRI Worldwide, has stated that “Consumers will place more value than ever on authentic and transparent reassurances. It is an ideal time to collaborate with industry peers, be empathetic, supportive, helpful and calm. It is an opportunity to showcase brands as trusted partners in helping to keep communities, families and citizens safe and healthy.”

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp have seen a 70% increase in time on app and a 21% increase in Instagram Story impressions, with individual users seeing their screen time increase between 30-50%. As users turn to social media as a news source, communication tool and a source of escapism; brands have the ability to create a presence online that reaches engaged, key audiences like never before.

Millennials are likely to turn to people of influence for entertainment, as well as for product and lifestyle recommendation purposes during this time. The Social Club team has banded together to adapt our pricing and services to reflect these changes in consumer purchase behaviour. Our aim is to get products in the hands of influencers in a way that is genuine and will resonate with their audiences.

Our Influencer Shopping List approach will put campaign products on the top of the list for influencers the next time they head to the supermarket. Our Influencer Care Package option creates the opportunity to get products in the hands of influencers and be seen as one of their go-to options when getting through weeks in lockdown. In turn, both options present the perfect opportunity for influencers to share authentic content as they use the product in their homes. In the spirit of everyone helping each other out in a time of need, The Social Club will be offering affordable campaign packages for FMCG clients.

Along with our bespoke crisis offerings, our normal influencer marketing, content creations and social media packages still stand and are always relevant. We’re here for brands, and are able to develop our best recommendation based on individual objectives and resources. 

Please contact us on enquiries@thesocialclub.co for further pricing and campaign deliverables, or even if its just for a quick chat and some advice!

Together we can all adapt, innovate, communicate and get through this.

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