5 minutes with Molawin Evangelista

This week we caught up with Molawin Evangelista, a man with a stunning array of photos on Instagram and a personal style unlike many others. Here is 5 mins with Mo:

Have you always had an ambition to be a photographer?

Photography has always a big part of my life. I started out at quite a young age and had always done it for fun and concentrated on making things that I enjoy. I’ve always had my mind set on becoming a nurse (which I am currently studying for) but as I grew older, my passion for photography grew and had a bit of a cross roads after high school trying to decide what I wanted to pursue: should I go with my life long dream of becoming a nurse or solely concentrate on my photography? I ended up deciding to do a good balance of both and study as a nurse while continuing to progress as a photographer.

It has been tough studying and doing a lot of photography jobs at the same time but I love doing both so much that I can’t imagine not doing one or the other. Today I am thankful for all the clients who have given me a chance and believed in my work enough to be confident in having me take creative reigns on how I photograph their products.

Safe travels my friend. I’m sure we will cross paths again ✈

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Even on your DSLR do you shoot with Instagram in mind?  

In all honesty, when I’m out shooting I don’t really focus on whether or not it will look good on Instagram or whether people will like it or not. I think that photographers should always focus on creating imagery that is up their own standards and work on things that they are truly passionate about. I believe that your passion for whatever you are shooting really shows in the work that you create.

Are there any brands out there you’re dying to work with?

Definitely would love to expand my horizons and work with some international labels. The dream would definitely be able to do work with large scale companies like Nike or Adidas. Within the local scene, I would definitely love to do some work for I Love Ugly. I have always admired their vision, the work they’ve put in to become as established as they are today and they just seem like a bunch of good lads to do work with!

Where are you next shooting, what’s in the works?! 

I have a few things in the works at the moment and a potential shoot coming up with an awesome New Zealand clothing label that I will be working with for the first time but that’s a secret for now haha. I will also be travelling to Japan soon so I am looking forward to be taking some photos over there!

Finally, who within the New Zealand photography and Instagram community has challenged and influenced the style in which you post?

Some of the young guns that have been killing it in the scene lately have been really inspiring me and it is so awesome seeing young people really getting out there and creating  dope content.

A few to mention would be Jaycee Mentoor (@jayceementoor) who I have had the pleasure of working with in the past and is an incredible photographer, Jamie Wesley-Brown (@jamiewb) who’s photos continue to always impress me and my good friend Cyrus Chow who has got to be one of the most motivated, talented and inspiring people I’ve met who can do everything from creating amazing videos to running his own clothing label The Norm (@thenormltd).

If you ever feel the need to wonder why, let me know ?

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To see what else Molawin gets up to on Instagram click here. And for even more of Mo check out his Street Segments Facebook page!

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