5 Minutes with She Said Yes – Bridal Lifestyle Influencer

We managed to sneak a quick catch up with @shesaidyes, Bridal & Lifestyle influencer, in between her busy schedule of events! We love Megans’ enthusiasm and drive to inspire girls through weddings and events. We look forward to seeing where she ends up next!

What made you want to become a bridal and lifestyle blogger?

Though I absolutely love what I do now, I didn’t set out to be a “blogger”, I just wanted to help other girls organise engagement and hens parties, plan their wedding and enjoy the process.  From there it developed into beauty, health and wellbeing, entertaining, and more.

Now that I am a bridal and lifestyle blogger though, I love the creativity it allows me via photography and styling for Instagram, and as cliche as it may sound, I love the opportunity to inspire and help other people (whether that’s with make-up reviews, fitness ideas or the wedding planning guides themselves).

Now that you’re married, do you think you’ll move away from the bridal side of things? We see events have become quite a common theme on your account?

When a girl gets engaged, she doesn’t lose interest in everything else in her life, so for me it’s a very natural development to the brand to include the lifestyle posts.  Similarly, it’s not just brides-to-be who get inspired and excited by couture gowns and beautiful bouquets, so the variety to She Said Yes means there’s something for everyone, I hope.

Personally though, I love weddings, and since my own that’s probably increased!  Many of my friends are engaged now and it’s the best feeling to be able to help them plan. After all, a wedding is basically the biggest and best party people ever throw, and I love parties!

What would be one tip you would give to someone looking to grow their blog?

As you’ve identified, I’m very social.  I love meeting new people and I’m constantly learning something from them.  My blog has grown through the words of encouragement and advice of others.  I started off by reading lots of other blogs and asking other bloggers, writers, influencers and business-people for advice.  So my tip to existing bloggers would be to network with others.

This is probably a tough one, but if you had to pick the ideal place to get married, where would that be?

Wherever you know you and your guests will feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed. A venue should feel like a natural fit, so if silver service and black-tie dress code won’t suit you and your guests, don’t force it. The choice of venue will be a key factor to how much involvement (and flexibility) you have. If you have the time to be very hands-on, then a bare venue allows total control. If you’d rather have someone else take car of details, then a venue with a planner could save your hours of time and stress.

Any new and exciting projects we can expect from you again soon?

Yes! (and not just because She Said Yes) I have so many things I want to talk about, but all I can say is Watch This Space.

What makes you enjoy working with The Social Club?

The people behind the scenes at The Social Club are as enthusiastic about my brand and my business as they are about their own.  The projects I’m approached to work on are always on brand, and TSC has been really supportive as my brand has moved a little away from 100% bridal-niche to incorporate the lifestyle brand too.

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