Love Kiwi Campaign


In Partnership with Motion Sickness we engaged twelve Social Club influencers with a follower base of healthy humans to spread the word about love kiwi. “NZ growers are single-focused, passionate, professional and dedicated to sustainable practices. That’s why NZ produces the best kiwifruit in the world.” — Dennis Robinson, NZ

New Zealand Kiwifruit are always green and gold on the inside. Green kiwis have a tangier, more tart flavour, while Gold kiwis are more mellow and tropical in taste. Which one do you prefer?

We asked our influencers to create their own pieces of content showcasing their fav and how they like to eat theirs to share to their loyal following…



Influencer posts







Motion sickness created beautiful content with tier one influencers who shared their story on why and how they enjoy kiwi fruit. Influencer collaborations were well aligned well with bloggers really enjoying creating the videos allowing content to be integrated organically to their followers on Instagram.

Tier two influencers saw influencers creating Ice blocks, cocktails, smoothies and other recipes which resonated with them. Sneer Roy went above and beyond the brief and created a how to video on creating her favourite cardamom and honey infused kiwifruit lassi. See all organically shared content on the following slides along with impressive campaign stats.

We teamed up with some of the raddest Foodie & Photography Instagram accounts in Australia to bring Love Kiwi alive on Instagram.

TSC influencers were incredibly excited to collaborate with such delicious nutritious fruit! Check out some of the snaps they produced below:


Influencers who were a perfect fit for Love Kiwi showcased their favourite way to enjoy kiwifruit, from smoothies or breakfast companions. This activity influenced their communities to replicate influencer posts, followers began posting their own recipes and photos of themselves trying kiwifruit which helped to continue the growth of Kiwifruit consumption in Australia. We saw extremely positive numbers from the campaign: with a campaign-wide engagement rate of 6.5%, which is far above the average rate of 3%.

Us Kiwis are inspiring our friends over the ditch!

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