5 minutes with Six60’s Matiu Walters

During the week we caught up with Social Club influencer Matiu Walters of Six60. Matiu is a well known figure within the New Zealand music industry and runs a slick Instagram account, here’s 5 minutes with Matiu:

When TSC approached you for the Jim Beam campaign, what was it that inspired you to collaborate with them?

I’m a massive fan of Jim Beam! The band and I have it when we’re away on tour. So being a part of the campaign seemed like a good fit for me and my account.

Thanks for the good times Australia.. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did . #six60 #gigs #music #tour

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Why is it important for you to align with brands you believe in?

It is very important. By aligning with brands that have similar ideas and visions, it helps improve your own as well as create authentic campaigns. I want to make sure that my account is still genuine when I post for a brand, whatever the reward of the campaign may be. What is the point in representing a brand that you don’t believe in? That’s not being true to my fans.

What other brands would you want to work alongside?

One company that I would really love to work with is Adidas. Another being I love ugly, they both do some seriously cool stuff.

How do you go about approaching new brands that you want to work with?

Through The Social Club, that is what their platform is for. I go through the brands and favourite the ones that I want to work with with, then I take a look at their content and see if my content and style aligns with their brand.

How was your experience working with The Social Club and Jim Beam?

Easy and good fun, the Instagram post did really well too. The Social Club is great, and even though it is an online platform, you are always talking to people. Overall I think all the content came out great and the campaign did really well. Stoked to have been a part of it!

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