Building Resilience & Providing Services During Challenging Times

With our homes being a place of security in these times of COVID-19, and as we’re all encouraged to find ways to work from home, along with social distancing temporarily.  It’s important that we all look after one another, our mental health and ensure we are still able to get access to all the essentials for our families. Many businesses across New Zealand will be finding these times challenging, there is a fine line between providing a safe environment for their team while still being able to support the wider New Zealand community in accessing food, medical supplies and daily essentials.

Our Services: The Social Club will continue to deliver on all of our services to the highest standard for all of our clients, while also supporting and providing a safe environment for our team.

How influencers can help: Influencers can be powerful in a time of crisis. They are an effective way to communicate with customers and the public esspecially when they’re at home during a period of isolation. As brands, you will be needing to educate consumers about any changes to your services or how consumers can access your products or services remotely.

Messages from influencers will be impactful and can help consumers feel at ease during what is a stressful period. Influencers can deliver your messages with the care, consideration and the comfort needed at this time.

Ecommerce and online delivery: This is an important time for those uneasy about going out to purchase essentials, now more than ever online ordering is being accessed by hundreds out of pure necessity.  Influencers enable you as a brand to help deliver your messaging around your new practices during coronavirus and your service options.

Our thoughts are with those directly affected by the coronavirus; we will do our small part in being able to help New Zealand businesses communicate with Kiwis. As you can imagine this may change daily, however, we’re here to help businesses connect with consumers to communicate how they can access your products or services over this time.

Together we can all adapt, innovate, communicate and get through this. Please contact us on enquiries@thesocialclub.co or (09) 869 5020 if you’d like to learn more, or just for a chat and some advice.

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