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The Social Club and Ada Health engaged with six influencers nationwide to promote the virtual health care app…

“Meet ada, a virtual health companion available on the go. Designed by a dedicated team of doctors and computer scientists, ada gives you the best symptom assessment available. Building up a detailed picture of your health over time, ada provides you with an accurate understanding of what is going on and helps you decide on next steps to take.”

Ada was looking to engage social content creators in the health/fitness/parenting/millenial space on social channels to promote their new virtual health service. Using the tag @adahealth. The goal was to generate awareness and drive downloads of the app!



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For the campaign we got our Influencers right into it, each of them downloading the app so they could experiment and learn about the features… getting curious about how many sick days that sniffle was going to set them back…

Have a look yourself –

The influencers found the app helped them bring clarity to a health concern for either them or a family member at some point… This was fantastic as it helped them create some organic/real-time stories for their posts!

“I went to bed on Saturday night with a light headache, blocked nose, sore eyes and a sore throat, not sure what was going on… I opened the new @adahealth app, tapped on the symptoms bar and BOOM, instant assessment done on what could potentially be wrong with me. Ideal for when you are experiencing symptoms and not sure what to make of it! Download the app in the @adahealth bio to give it a go”

– Irene Van Dyk

Русский текст ниже.Are you guilty like me, Googling your symptoms when you are unwell to just come across hundreds of confusing pieces of advice? I have been waiting for an app that would replace the good old Dr Google! It looks like this might just be it. @Adahealth is a symptoms assessment tool that is created and run by DOCTORS, so you can definitely trust it and, it’s a lot faster than booking an appointment. To me this is science meeting technology meeting everyday life. Wouldn’t it just be great to have your own virtual health service on hand? Definitely check the app out guys, I’ve put the link into my bio//Кто еще, как и я, всегда первым делом гуглит симптомы, когда заболевает (я так себе в прошлом году еще до врача воспаление носовой пазухи диагностировала)?Гуглит и потом, когда видит миллион разных диагнозов от случайных людей, жалеет, что затеял это дело. Я все думала, когда появится приложение, которое заменит “доктора” Гугла, оказалось, работа в этом направлении ведется. Прочитала про @Adahealth (я ссылку на него в профиль поставила), бесплатное приложение, которое создано и ведется ДОКТОРАМИ (в отличие от Гугла, очень важно) – пример, как наука встречается с технологией, а потом с обычной жизнью. Хорошо бы так всегда иметь доктора под рукой!

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Thank you to all our influencers for sharing your heartfelt stories!

The creative authenticity of the posts helped viewers resonate with the content, which drove engagement and in turn a great result with App downloads and awareness for Ada.



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