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What is an Influencer?

Influencers are any individuals or organisations who have the ability to influence the purchasing decisions of a given community. At The Social Club, we define social influencers as anyone with 1000+ genuine & engaged followers on any of our major platforms: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter.

Who are The Social Club Brands?

The Social Club is working with over 325 New Zealand brands, across all industries – and not just the brands themselves. We’re connected to advertising, media & PR agencies and just about anyone with responsibility for a brand’s development.

How does The Social Club make money?

At present it’s free to be an influencer with The Social Club! For brand software subscribers, The Social Club charges a monthly subscription fee which varies subject to objectives and use (please enquire with us for this). We also have a service fee on media spend through the platform. 

We’re busy. Can you run the campaign for us?

The Social Club does have a full-service campaign offering. For these campaigns, we include an hourly rate to cover strategy and management time and please note that to qualify for a full-service campaign we have a minimum campaign spend of $5,000.

What platforms do you use?

We run collaborations across Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter. Snapchat campaigns are created and accepted on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

Who creates the content?

The influencers. In the interest of keeping content as authentic as possible, influencers create content that they know will resonate with their audience, in their own voice and style. Brands can provide guidance on the creative direction, hashtag/link/username inclusions etc. but the content is ultimately created by the influencers.

Who creates the strategy?

The strategy generally comes from brand representatives – whether that’s internal marketing teams or agencies.

Who owns the content?

The influencer owns the content, the brand has simply paid permission to feature in it. The platform does help brands to negotiate required level of access to use influencers content on their own social channels and beyond. In most cases influencers are happy to gain the extra exposure from brand promotion of the content, but any content use by the brand must be organised prior to use.

What is to stop influencers and brands moving communication or campaigns off the platform?

Our platform offers everything you need to roll out your influencer campaign easily & effectively, which should be what you need to keep campaigns right here. In some cases we will encourage you to communicate via other platforms but unless otherwise stated, we expect that all communication and campaigns that originate on the platform, remain on the platform. This is to maintain the integrity of the marketplace and is set out clearly in the terms and conditions of website use.. TSC reserves the right to suspend accounts that we believe are not playing by the rules.

What’s the approval process?

We understand that in many cases, pre-approval of content is required so we are facilitating an approval process for these campaigns. We also ask that brands are super detailed with their requirements within campaign briefs and trusting of the influencer in their content creation. Remember that this is a collaboration!

How long are posts required to remain live?

The standard length of time to keep a post live is 30 days, however there is the ability for both brands and influencers to negotiate this length of time. Keep in mind that the vast majority of impressions and engagement on most platforms are experienced within 6-24 hours.

What are the ‘Club Rules’?

The Club Rules are a set of principles we expect everyone in our community to abide by, in order to protect the integrity of our marketplace and all those involved within it. They can be found in our Terms & Conditions. The Social Club reserves the right to suspend users in the case of our guidelines being breached.

Can I work for The Social Club?

We are seeking new people to join The Social Club team and love looking towards our community for new hires. If this is of interest to you, please make it known to us at


Why do I need to connect my social accounts? Will The Social Club use these in any way?

We will never post to any of your social accounts, and in fact don’t have access to anything personal. The access you give us is purely to pull through social data from your accounts, to assist us in promoting you in our marketplace and report on your completed campaigns.

How much should I charge?

The amount you charge depends on so many factors: like the size of your following, the level of your engagement, your authority in an industry, how well the product aligns with your personal brand and how much work is involved in creating the content. We’ve created a rough rate card based on research overseas and in NZ, but we’d advise starting small and growing from there.

Do you work with agents?

Absolutely. We’re equally happy to work with agents or with influencers directly. If you are using the platform as an agent, just ensure you factor in any of your own fees to the price you charge.

Will branded posts annoy my followers?

If you go about it the right way, this shouldn’t be an issue. Make sure you stick to brands and products that resonate with you and your audience, and keep your content ‘you’. There is an understanding these days that passionate social content creators should be rewarded for the value & entertainment they provide to their audiences, just make sure you’re doing it the right way with the right products!

How often should I create branded posts?

You know what content your followers love from you, so make sure you continue providing plenty of this. The more of your own content you are creating, the more branded campaigns you can engage in. We definitely recommend erring on the side of caution however, keeping your account authentic always has to be the number one priority!

Do you offer any support or coaching?

Yes, we’re working with influencers to help them build and engage their followings. The Social Club also has frequent get-togethers for influencers.

What are the benefits of working with The Social Club exclusively?

For TSC exclusive influencers, we’re waiving the 10% finders fee on campaigns. Beyond this, we’re working with exclusive influencers to personally assist them in collaborations with the right brands and influencers in New Zealand, helping them raise their profile and continue creating awesome content for their followers. For more information on this, please email

How much do I get paid?

The Social Club takes 10% of monetary payments as a finders fee, but obviously leaves you with all product (we won’t take 10% of your new shoes).

When do I get paid?

When your campaign is completed and signed off by the brand, we’ll transfer payment to your account within 30 business days. Keep in mind that depending on your bank, transfers can take a few business days to go through.

Do you need my GST number?

Yes, as an influencer if you’re registered for GST we will require your GST number.

What if I have more than one Instagram or Facebook account?

At this stage you can only have one account per person, per login. We do have ways around this however so touch base with us at if you’re having issues or multiple personal brands.

Who will be able to see that I’m on your platform?

People managing brands on the platform will be able to see your profile, in order to connect with you for campaigns. You will have access to view and edit all information available to brands.

I’m already working with some brands. Can I continue this?

You can absolutely continue to work with brands not associated with us. Please see our Terms & Conditions for details on working with brands on our platform and our full exclusivity clauses.

Do you have an app?

Not just yet. We’re working on one and hoping to release it later in the year. In the meantime our website is responsive on mobile devices.


How do you know an influencers followers aren’t fake?

We have ways of determining this. If engagement is very low, there is a good chance followers are fake. We take measures to ensure our influencer community have genuine followers only and we encourage you to assess engagement & influence levels before going through with campaigns, too.

How much does it cost?

There is currently no fee to be connected to the platform. Costs are then determined on a campaign-by-campaign basis. Brands are charged the influencer cost + a 10-20% media fee on campaign spend, depending on your subscription.

Is there a minimum spend?

We have no minimum spend requirements at The Social Club and can create campaigns & solutions based on a pre-determined budget. From our experience to date, in order to test the landscape effectively we advise campaign budgets of at least $1,000.

Can I see the influencers before I create a campaign?

Yes, we’re transparent about who’s part of our influencer community and you will have the opportunity to pre-approve influencers for campaigns.

How do I choose the right influencers?

You know your customers. Focus on finding people who are most likely to be engaging your target audience, who have the greatest relevance to your product and who are most likely to impact purchasing decisions.

What’s to stop me going directly to influencers instead of through the platform?

We promise that the value our platform offers far outweighs the small costs associated with it! Our community of influencers respect the integrity of our platform and know that by undermining that, they’re undermining the rest of the influencer community. To remain as part of The Club under Club Rules, brands and influencers are required keep all communications on the platform.

Is The Social Club cutting out PR, Creative or Media agencies?

Absolutely not. Influencers are a medium and not a strategy in themselves. The Social Club is excited to work with agencies looking to build an influencer element into wider brand or campaign strategies. We’re even in the process of building an ‘Agency login’ which will give you the ability to manage multiple brands under the one account (hopefully here very soon).

How do I measure campaign success?

We provide you with an overview of your campaign success, with a breakdown by platform and influencer. We’re building a full analytics system into our software at present which we will be launching later in the year, which will include Snapchat analytics!

What if we’re not happy with the post is created?

We encourage you to be as detailed as possible in your campaign briefs and we can arrange for content to be pre-approved. If you are clear with your expectations, there shouldn’t be any issues but we are here to protect everyone on the platform and will act as an intermediary in the case of any disputes between brand and influencer.

How much should I pay influencers?

How much you offer influencers is completely up to you. It will depend on a number of factors including how onerous the campaign is, followers & engagement levels and how well they align with your brand. We have provided a rough guideline to help you with your offers.

What does it mean if an influencer ‘expresses interest’?

This means a genuine fan is reaching out to collaborate! Anyone who expresses interest believes in what you are doing and is interested in promoting your brand to their followers. These should be the first people you look to when creating any campaign as they will create the most authentic & persuasive content for you.

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