5 Minutes with Andrew J Steel – Creative Influencer

We scored some time with creative influencer @andrewj.steel, Auckland based creative influencer. We don’t imagine there is anyone who stumbles across his account, leaves without feeling inspired!

You have some seriously cool work on your Instagram! Do you have a main source of inspiration that normally sparks your creativity?

Thanks! I try my best. I read a lot, listen to music and podcasts all day & I geek out a lot on social media for daily doses of what’s happening. Like everyone, I’m a product of the world I live in and surround myself by clever people and beautiful things that inspire me.

There seems to be a theme of simplicity on your account. Where do you think that stems from?

I aspire to produce fun, relevant and simplistic work. Clever & clean is my moto. My artwork is this way, so naturally I try to present it in the same way. How you do something, is how you do everything right?

Any other artist or designer accounts that you are particularly enjoying right now?

I got a strong list of talented bastards. Locally, Ken Griffen, George & Willy, Blake Dunlop, I Love Ugly are all doing cool stuff. Globally; Nike, Juxtapose & americasgotnotalent (for my meme fix). Steve Powers, Rone & Cleon Peterson and Amber Ibarreche are all people I follow closely in the arts.

What are the tools that you use regularly that you value the most?

Toothbrush, blender/juicer & bic pens.

What inspired you to create an account for your work?

Having a voice is curial. Can you imagine if someone bit your tongue off and couldn’t talk? As an artist its pivotal to be able to connect & communicate to the world and social is a two way street to show your work, see others work and listen to what people want.

To check out his profile or contact him, login to TSC!

Snapchat 101 Guide

Snapchat has successfully become the most engaging social media platform for millennials. And it’s no longer just millennials drinking Snapchat’s Kool-aid.

The massive triumph of Snapchat stems from capitalising on the short attention span of today’s youth, who are always looking for new and entertaining ways to communicate online.


Snapchat is a mobile messaging application used to share photos, videos, text, and drawings. It’s free to download the app and free to send messages, which will disappear after 1-10 seconds.

Snapchat has broken every design and user experience rule, and won. By beginning with a complex system, only digital natives had the patience and knowledge to understand the how to use it. Kids loved engaging with new, hip app which their parents weren’t on. For this reason, Snapchat was able to dominate the 13-24 age group very quickly.

Since releasing Snapchat 2.0 in March 2016 with a much more straightforward UX, Snapchat has been able to grow their audience to reach an older demographic. After all, parents want to be where their kids are.

The Brand Goldmine:

At first brands were afraid to put time and effort into a campaign which they cannot (a) put through a strict approval process – as it’s in real time, or (b) measure. The fact that they themselves weren’t using Snapchat and didn’t understand it didn’t help the cause.

However as the digital landscape changes, advertising is changing with it. Early adopters have seen the massive benefits of being able to reach their consumers via a platform with fun, exciting and natural content.

2016 customers want real interaction with their favourite brands – to really see what goes on within the business. Snapchat offers the opportunity to engage with loyal fans and creatively show them behind the scenes, the brand culture, as well as offering exclusive snapchat only discounts codes or in-store keyword vouchers.

The Social Club now allows brands to pre-approve Snapchat content, and can pull analytics to show the results from Snapchat influencer campaigns, making it less daunting for brands.

This is cool and all, but what’s the actual upside of this for a business?

It’s simple; Real engagement.

“Customers who feel more attached to the brand, are more likely to buy from the brand.”

Key numbers:

  • 100 Million active users on the platform daily (Snapchat)
  • The number of over 35 year old on the platform has seen growth of 84% over the last year, while the number of 18-24 years has grown by 56%. (ComScore)
  • The average snapchat engagement rate for brands is currently 80%
  • 77% of students use Snapchat daily and 58% say they would likely purchase a product from a brand that sent them a coupon through Snapchat.



  1. Cross promote & grow your account

To ensure your Snapchat efforts are having maximum effect, you need to be growing your audience as rapidly as possible. Some easy ways to do this is by promoting your Snapchat username & QR code via:
a) your website
b) other social media pages
c) POS marketing
d) events
e) email signatures & business cards

2. Influencers

As other platform algorithms change and reach drops, Snapchat will become the most important platform for our influencers to be active on. Snapchat influencer campaigns can promote anything from an event, to a product, to a location. The best thing about it is that it’s live, it’s natural and it features the influencer.

Influencer ‘takeovers’ on a brand’s Snapchat accounts are also an extremely effective way of using influencers to drive brand engagement and grow a brand’s Snapchat account. A takeover usually involves an influencer creating exclusive content for the brand over a given time period, directly driving the influencers own following to the brand’s account. This is most effective if done in conjunction with a new product, event, or other form of campaign.

3. Get creative

There are so many ways to get creative and make your content on Snapchat fun, especially including filters and emojis on your content. Last year TSC partners Motion Sickness Studio created a new public health campaign called Snapped Out NZ, asking young people to creatively and anonymously condemn those who smoke by sending images through Snapchat. The campaign received 9,600 story views, 101,500 impressions & 1,100 new followers.

4. User generated content

In January The Social Club worked with Crowd Mobile & MishGuru on a direct response Snapchat campaign. The campaign used three key Snapchat influencers including Gary Beadle (@gaz2270) from Geordie Shore who has the largest Snapchat following in the U.K.

This campaign asked the influencer’s followers to create their own content, and send it into the influencer to be featured on their story. You can see some of the Snapchats received by the influencer during the 24hr period here. This campaign generated thousands of snaps, over 50 million impressions & achieved an ROI of over 800%.

The true benefit of User Generated content is the insane levels of meaningful engagement. Offering fans the opportunity to have their content featured on the brand or influencer’s Snapchat story is one of the coolest things you can do for pumped up millennials.

5. Customer geofilters

Geofilters allow you to add an overlay filter that your brand has created on to the snapchats they send while on your premises. It is a great avenue for getting more brand exposure, and making the clear connection between your business and what is happening inside the users Snapchat.

While this is mainly effective for B2C businesses, events and conferences of any kind can use the same technique. (This is something to keep your eye on, and being fully deployed into NZ/AUS very soon) – https://www.snapchat.com/on-demand


Snapchat has grabbed most consumers now – but it’s not the same story with businesses. Factors such as the limited data availability & its existence to date as an ‘unknown quantity’ have left many brands ignoring Snapchat until it becomes standard practice.

With this lies enormous opportunity for adventurous brands to engage their audiences in an incredibly meaningful & creative ways – before Snapchat becomes part of the mainstream marketing playbook. Get on board!