Coca-Cola Summer Campaign


To promote the Summer Coke Classic cans, Coca-Cola NZ connected with 4 fun-loving and adventurous fans. They captured their #SummerClassic spirit with pictures of their favourite summer moments. Overall it was a hugely successful campaign with a whopping 15% engagement rate.





Influencer Posts






The campaign was all about generating excitement for the new, limited-edition Coca-Cola can and remind fans that Coke is a #SummerClassic. To power this campaign, 4 adventurous Influencers shared their personal #SummerClassic moments with their Instagram followers alongside links to Coca-Cola NZ’s Instagram account in the captions of their images.

Fans loved the Influencers’ fun summer moments, and related to the message of enjoying a nice day outside and celebrating at the end with a cold can of soda. With their eye-catching content celebrating living life and having fun, the Influencers generated a 15% engagement rate.

Check out some of their content below!

Lake days in Wanaka! @cocacolanz #workingwithcoke #summerclassic

A post shared by Nick Rapley (@nickrapley) on

Jump into the week with @cocacolanz #summerclassic #workingwithcoke"

A post shared by Nick Rapley (@nickrapley) on

Cooling off today with an icy-cold Coke and a swim. Nothing better. #Summerclassic #workingwithcoke @cocacolanz

A post shared by Lucy Elliott (@lemonelliott) on

Bridge jumps and river hangs with @cocacolanz #summerclassic #workingwithcoke

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The campaign generated plenty of interest for Coca-Cola NZ. Followers couldn’t wait to enjoy a cold drink of Coke.

The content liked best were images that showed Coke as an integral part of a summer adventure, as fans engaged most with experiences like a cool motorcycle ride or doing a backflip off a dock.

Judging from this campaign, Coke will continue to be a #SummerClassic enjoyed by all!


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