Keys to creating an
Epic Influencer Campaign

An influencer campaign will allow your brand to partner with thought leaders who can amplify your voice and reach new audiences. One of the tricky parts, is finding an influencer who genuinely believes in your brand and provides relevant, authentic content that strikes attention and resonates with both yours and your influencers audience. Here’s a list of key things to keep in mind when creating an epic influencer campaign.


Brand partnerships always work best when the brand and influencer align in values and honestly rate each others work. This is where the magic happens, as the influencer campaign becomes an authentic collaboration rather than a paid placement. When an influencer really believes in a product/brand, it will fit seamlessly into their feed. For instance, Loic Quedec (the influencer in the image above) is known for his monochromatic themed images. So when he shared a photo wearing Ice Breakers grey tracksuit (which he loves, and would wear anyway) it was completely genuine and authentic. Likewise, Social Club influencer Renee Amber, in a recent collaboration with Ngatarawa Wines, shared a dreamy picture of herself under the grapevines holding a glass of chardonnay. Since Renee’s feed is filled up with culture, travel photos and beautiful scenic shots, the advertising content was able to fit seamlessly with her feed, and generate awesome results.

epic-influencer campaigns instagram @reneeamberx @kellie.pardoe

However, if a healthy vegan influencer was to promote a fast food burger, it would stand out like a sore thumb. Their followers would call them out on it, and the fast food burger brand would get a bad rep.

Consumers are savvy, they know payment is often exchanged for sponsored posts. But, if the collaboration is authentic, they don’t mind! We have found that with the release of the new ASA guidelines, brands have questioned how it will impact their influencer content performance. What we have found is that: if the collaboration is genuine, authentic and transparent, a #collab or #ad has absolutely no effect on the results of the influencer campaign.


Influencers should be focused on adding value to their audience. Consumers on social media are looking to be inspired, which is one of the reasons why they follow influencers.  71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference. To activate that 71%, a key question to ask is: How will this piece of content add value to and benefit the audience? Whether that’s offering a discount, providing a new insight or wowing them with amazing content. If you create great content worthy of reading, sharing and engaging with, users won’t mind if it’s a branded collaboration.

Additionally, it is important to understand who the influencer’s audience is. There are a few different factors to take into account: audience age, gender and location, all of which can be filtered for on The Social Club platform. These factors can be important when running localised campaigns or events, as well as campaigns promoting a product that is targeted at a certain gender.


You may have hundreds of amazing creative ideas, but in the end the influencer knows their audience and what makes them tick. They are the ones who built their following after all! Because of this, it’s important to give the influencer enough creative freedom. Of course, you need to be clear in your brief on the campaign objectives, key messages, inclusions and exclusions. Influencers know what types of content perform best on their feeds and receive the highest engagements, so trust them!

At The Social Club our full-service team can support you through all of these areas. Chat to one of our campaign specialists to develop a creative, engaging strategy that will drive results. Hit us up if you have any questions or would like to have a chat!

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