5 minutes with Will and Jane from @thenextmeal

Last week we caught up with Jane and William, two up and coming foodies with an Instagram account that will definitely please the eyes, here’s 5 minutes with @thenextmeal: 

What inspired the idea to create @thenextmeal?

We’ve both always loved cooking and both had our own journeys with food, so it seemed only natural to create a space where we could bring together what we’re doing and share it with people. We used to make big Snapchat stories of our creations or post food images on our own Instagram accounts and our friends would always message us demanding for more, so now they have more!

As for the name – we are genuinely always thinking about the next meal…

Do you have preferences on all the ingredients and the brands you use?

With ingredients and brands, we try and buy things that were produced as close to home as possible and in the most sustainable way possible. It’s becoming easier and easier to do this. We try to stick to using products that we feel good about using and supporting.

Are there any other people that have influenced the food you create and the style in which you post?

Heaps! We’re constantly being inspired and motivated by others on their own food journeys. Whether its more established international names like Ottolenghi, Nigel Slater, Rachel Roddy and David Chang or any of the clever New Zealanders doing their thing like Delaney Mes, The Cult Project boys, Miss Changy and the team at Stone Soup Syndicate. Everyone has their own style of creating the food they do and writing about it – we’re still figuring ours out.

What’s in store for the future, apart from continuing to create beautiful dishes?

We might sound a bit bland with this answer, but we really do just want to keep having fun. Ideally we will be able to educate people on a few food related topics that mean a lot to us: wasting less food, using lesser known or liked ingredients/techniques, and getting people excited about cooking for themselves.

We are by no means professionals, but we’ve experienced first hand the massive disconnection most people have with their food, so if we can help change that even a small amount then we’d be happy!

We’re building a website at the moment, and we’d love to branch into doing some pop-ups and other food adventures in the future.

Finally, with @thenextmeal growing a loyal following, do you have any advice for other creators wanting to do something similar? 

The Next Meal is still a toddler really, but a few things we’ve already learnt:

– Work out what it is that you feel excited and passionate about, and go for it. It should be a pleasurable project!

– Don’t change what you believe in for the sake of a hashtag or a few followers

– Even if you just spent 4 hours trying to cook something and plate it up like you’re  at The French Café, if it doesn’t feel good then don’t post it. (Not that that’s happened to us or anything…)

– Read cookbooks, go on Pinterest, watch food shows, write lists of things you want  to try to make – do what you need to do to keep the creative juices flowing!

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