5 Minutes with Libby Kay – Lifestyle Influencer

We were lucky enough to catch up with beautiful lifestyle influencer @libbykayy to get to know a little bit more about her day to day life. Her followers love the bohemian-esque content she produces on a daily basis and enjoy following her adventures from the beach to the forest and everywhere in between.

1.What inspired you to create your lifestyle related social accounts?

From a young age I was always the kid with a camera in hand. I loved taking photos and being creative. When I discovered social media I couldn’t wait to share my content and I haven’t looked back.

2. At what stage did you realise that people were really rating your content?

I think I realised that people were enjoying my posts when I was out one night 2 years ago and had someone I had never met before approach me and say how much they loved my posts. That was a cool moment!

3. Has becoming a social media influencer impacted your life or helped you grow personally?

100%. I have connected with so many amazing people and I am continuously learning new things about myself everyday. Being a social media influencer has been very eye opening and has helped me to gain so much more confidence.

4. Do you have any tips for keeping a healthy balance between uni, social media and your friends & family?

When I am with friends and family I try to not go on my phone so I can be 100% present with them. I think that’s very important.

5. Where do you get your inspiration for your content from?

Other influencers definitely, also just everyday life. Whether it’s seeing a painting with certain colours that I like, or if I’m on a walk and see a beautiful spot I would want to shoot at. I find inspiration for content everywhere.

6. Do you usually shoot on iPhone or camera?

A bit of both but mainly on my iPhone.

7. Any advice for aspiring influencers?

Upload content that is important to you, don’t try to be someone you are not. It’s an amazing feeling connecting with people who have similar thoughts to you and truly appreciate your work.

8. We noticed you use quotes in your captions a lot, do you have a favourite quote?

“Walk outside on a clear night and just look up into the sky. Take a moment to realise you are sitting on a planet spinning in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Sometimes it takes a bit of perspective to remember what’s really important. You are alive and you are here. You have the potential to be anything. So let go of what’s holding you back and dream, believe, breathe.”
-Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul.

9. What has been your favourite part about working with The Social Club?

It’s exciting being a part of something that is bringing together people who are in the same industry as me. Working with awesome people and awesome brands, what’s not to like!

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