5 Minutes with Andrew J Steel – Creative Influencer

We scored some time with creative influencer @andrewj.steel, Auckland based creative influencer. We don’t imagine there is anyone who stumbles across his account, leaves without feeling inspired!

You have some seriously cool work on your Instagram! Do you have a main source of inspiration that normally sparks your creativity?

Thanks! I try my best. I read a lot, listen to music and podcasts all day & I geek out a lot on social media for daily doses of what’s happening. Like everyone, I’m a product of the world I live in and surround myself by clever people and beautiful things that inspire me.

There seems to be a theme of simplicity on your account. Where do you think that stems from?

I aspire to produce fun, relevant and simplistic work. Clever & clean is my moto. My artwork is this way, so naturally I try to present it in the same way. How you do something, is how you do everything right?

Any other artist or designer accounts that you are particularly enjoying right now?

I got a strong list of talented bastards. Locally, Ken Griffen, George & Willy, Blake Dunlop, I Love Ugly are all doing cool stuff. Globally; Nike, Juxtapose & americasgotnotalent (for my meme fix). Steve Powers, Rone & Cleon Peterson and Amber Ibarreche are all people I follow closely in the arts.

What are the tools that you use regularly that you value the most?

Toothbrush, blender/juicer & bic pens.

What inspired you to create an account for your work?

Having a voice is curial. Can you imagine if someone bit your tongue off and couldn’t talk? As an artist its pivotal to be able to connect & communicate to the world and social is a two way street to show your work, see others work and listen to what people want.

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